6 Important Adult Birthday Parties Ideas

6 Important Adult Birthday Parties Ideas

6 Important Adult Birthday Parties Ideas

Here’s a quick list of 6 important adult birthday parties and birthday party ideas.

Adults have several milestone birthdays and important to celebrate each birthday with a party or celebration. Here’s my list of the 6 most important adult birthdays. In no particular order:

18th Birthday Party

Although this coming of age birthday is a little muted now as 18 is below the legal drinking age in the US, the 18th birthday still requires a birthday party. And with any good birthday party, you need a yard sign. The 18th birthday party yard sign from Asheville Storks & More is the perfect way to get the party started.

Over the Hill Birthday Party

This is up for debate as to how old you are for an over the hill birthday party. Is 40, 50, or even 60? Either way, one of the great adult birthday parties is an over the hill party. Sometimes you’ll see signs like “Lordy, Lordy look whos 40” and you’ll know that someone has reached an important milestone.

At this age, the birthday boy or girl may even get philosophical and quote a little Spock.

60th Birthday Party

This is another milestone birthday. As with all big birthdays, it’s important to celebrate in style. A Party Flamingo will do the trick. Having this personalized yard sign will tell the birthday boy or birthday girl that they are loved and that this is an important birthday.

21st Birthday Party – Adult Birthday Parties

Here’s a great birthday party, the 21st birthday party. The true coming of age year. Most young adults are in college and know how to party by now. I think most of these parties are with friends instead of family.

30th Birthday Party

Well your youth is gone, as least that what you think on your 30th birthday. Honestly, I think this was the most sobering of the birthdays. It’s almost like you’re an adult now.

40th Birthday Party

I’ve seen the 40th birthday as a over the hill party, and a second youth party. A bunch of adults in diapers. Exactly who wants to see that.

Anyway, that’s my list of milestone birthday parties. All of them require a celebration and a yard sign from Asheville Storks & More.


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