Happy Birthday Yard Cards

Baby Boy 1st Birthday Ideas

Baby Boy 1st Birthday Ideas

Baby Boy 1st Birthday Ideas is the topic of this post. Of course, we’ll also talk about 1st birthday yard signs from Asheville Storks & More.¬†

Let’s face it, the first birthday party is not really for the birthday boy, it’s for the parents. It’s a great way for the parents to have a party, get great pictures of the birthday boy, and invite friends and family over. Right now, it seems like the trend is to have the 1st birthday party at home.

1st Birthday Party Yard Signs

Any great party starts with a yard sign. And the bigger the better. You’ll want a lawn sign that has the baby boys name and the fact that’s it’s his first birthday. A yard sign is a great at home 1st birthday decoration idea. The happy birthday lawn sign should have balloons, presents and some accents around the theme of the party. In our picture for this post, we used a pirate theme.

A pirate theme is a great baby boy 1st birthday ideas. It’s easy to incorporate the yard sign, some decorations inside of a pirate theme, and maybe a pirate or dinosaur cake.

Another Baby Boy first birthday idea is a monster truck party. Monster trucks or Nascar may be a favorite of Dad. It’s easy to find decorations around monster trucks.

Finally, everyone loves animals. So cartoon animals can be a 1st birthday idea. There are a lot of animal themes to choose from and they are readily available. I like jungle animals myself like lions and tigers and bears.

Asheville Storks & More

Asheville Storks and More provides the fun to your party. We have yard signs for 1st birthday parties, and every other birthday party. We have pawn signs for graduations and valentines day. If you have a special event, we would be happy to work with you to find  the perfect yard sign.

We service Asheville, Weaverville, Hendersonville, Arden, Fletcher, Black Mountain, Candler, and the surrounding areas.

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