Gender Reveal Party Sign


Magnolia Storks offers a pink or blue stork for gender reveal parties for $75 for up to a 3 days. The stork can be placed inside or outside with our stands. The stork bundle can include a message such as “He or She what will it be?” or “Pink or Blue what do you think?” or a custom message.  The stork can also be used to reveal the baby’s gender at the party. We will put “It’s a Girl” or “It’s a Boy” on the stork bundle and, when the stork bundle is delivered, it will be wrapped in a burlap bag with a beautiful bow for the big reveal at your party.

Add an optional message star sign or sibling star sign for $20.00 here. 

“Pink or Blue what do you think?” or Your Own Message

Gender Reveal Party Sign

A Gender Reveal Party Sign rental from Asheville Storks & More will make your party more fun and entertaining.

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