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3 Great Birthday Party Themes for Kids

3 Great Birthday Party Themes for Kids

Let’s face it. With Covid we are all scrambling for birthday party ideas and birthday party themes for kids. Here’s a quick list of some birthday party ideas for kids.

1st birthday party themes

1st birthday party ideas are generally easy. The parents choose the theme because the child is too young to have

Happy Birthday Yard Cards
1st Birthday Party Princess theme

much of an opinion.

One of my favorites for a first birthday party theme for a girl is a princess party theme.

If you have a princess party theme for a girl, remember the yard sign. Here’s a good example.

3rd birthday party themes

Third birthday party themes for kids have a bunch of great options. One that I like as a third birthday theme for a boy is a pirate party theme.

The kids are old enough to understand the party theme. You can even have eye patches and pirate swords as gift items for the kids.

zoo themed birthday party

A zoo party has a bunch of options. I’ve seen zoo parties with real looking animals and also with cartoon animals. Either way there will a bunch of fun.

You can have pictures of zoo animals on the napkins and maybe an animal shaped cake. Make sure you pick out the favorite animal of the birthday girl or birthday boy.

Happy Birthday Yard Sign
Happy Birthday Yard Sign with an animal theme  

As always, start the party off right with an animal themed happy birthday lawn sign.

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