Baby Shower Decorations

Unique Baby Shower Decoration in Weaverville

Unique Baby Shower Decorations

Unique baby shower decorations are an important part of any baby shower. A great way to make a big splash at your baby shower is with personalized congratulation yard signs and a customized, giant stork sign.

Both types of signs add a wonderful element to the party.

baby shower yard sign stork

Here’s a good example of a personalized giant stork sign. The stork is about 6 feet tall and it comes complete with sheep and your choice of message on the keepsake bundle. The parents-to-be get to keep the bundle as a keepsake and remembrance of the baby shower.

The baby shower stork can be used inside or outside your event. I like it outdoors as it really sets the tone of the party.


baby shower decorations
Baby Shower Congratulations

Here’s a good example of a baby shower congratulations sign. It’s hard to tell from the picture but this sign is about 25 feet long. I love the baby animals.


Baby Shower DecorationsFinally, here’s a picture of the entire sign that includes the baby shower stork and the optional baby shower congratulations yard sign. They make quite a impression.

Baby Shower Decorations

Baby shower decorations are a major part of any baby shower. Make a big impression and use Asheville Storks & More for your next baby shower.

Asheville Storks & More

Asheville Storks & More provides fun and unique personalized yard sign in Asheville, Weaverville, Canton, Hendersonville, and the surrounding areas.

We use our signs as Happy Birthday Yard signs, Congratulations Graduate Yard Signs, Happy Anniversary Signs, Baby Announcement Storks. In fact, if you’re having a party or an event, we can provide a sign to make your party more of a celebration.

Contact us at (828) 782-8022 or via email at We want to help you step up your party to the next level.

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