the 90th birthday is a milestone birthday

Milestone Birthday Party Ideas

Milestone Birthday Party Ideas

Here’s some happy birthday party ideas for a Milestone Birthday.

What is a Milestone Birthday?

A Milestone Birthday are those special birthdays that deserve more attention that just a card and a cake. And while any birthday can be a milestone, we’re thinking about big, round numbers for our definition of a milestone birthday.

1st Birthday Party

Of course, the first birthday is a milestone birthday. Although, its more for the parents than the birthday boy or birthday girl.

Milestone Birthday Princess Party
1st Birthday Party – Princess Theme

It’s great to have a simple theme for the first birthday party. For girls good examples are a princess party and a barbie party. Both of these themes are easy to find party decorations for and they make for great pictures!

For a boys first birthday party monster trucks or pirates come to mind.

10th Birthday Party

Is the 10th birthday big enough to call it a milestone?

Well to the ten year old it is! The 10th birthday should be celebrated in the same way all the other big birthdays are celebrated.

For a ten year old, its all about impressing their friends and the gifts that they will receive.

So first, make sure you make a big deal out of their birthday. A giant, personalized yard sign is a good place to start. Then make sure you consult with the birthday girl or birthday boy about the guest list. Will you have just boys or just girls at the party or will you have a boy girl party. The choice is important.

Finally, make sure you have some great gifts. The best way to a ten year old’s heart is givingĀ  them great gifts.

13th Birthday

Ugh, the 13th birthday. They are no longer a child. They’re now a teenager with all of the problems that comes with it. Make sure you celebrate the 13th birthday in style! And then take heart and notice that they won’t be a teenager forever. It just seems that way!

Sweet 16 Birthday

The sweet 16 milestone birthday is generally for girls. It’s an important happy birthday and should be celebrated that way. Make sure the birthday girl feels special on her big day. Don’t pull a Sixteen Candles and forget about the big day!

Going to the hair salon for hair and nails would be a great touch.

18th Birthday

The 18th birthday party is generally used to signify that the birthday boy or birthday girl is now an adult. Well in their mind anyway. Most states have changed the drinking age to 21 but the idea that 18 signifies adulthood have stayed with us.

For the 18th birthday party use adult themes as decorations. Although we all hated the kid that got a car for his 18th birthday, the car is still a popular gift for this age.

21st Birthday

Ah, the 21st birthday. It’s usually associated with legal drinking age.

A PARTY theme is generally best. I always like a good Toga party. But that’s just me. Either way the 21st birthday should be celebrated in style.

Golden Birthday

The Golden Birthday is a little different so we should explain what it is first. Your golden birthday is celebrated when your age reaches the date you were born. So, as an example, if you were born on March 15th, your golden birthday would be your 15th birthday.

30th Birthday

Is the 30th birthday truly the first adult birthday party? For most of my friends the answer is yes. Either way this milestone birthday needs to be celebrated in style. And remember Thirty is the new twenty.

40th Birthday

Lordy, lordy look who’s 40! This birthday is usually celebrated as an over the hill party.

50th Birthday


60th Birthday

happy 60th birthday - milestone birthday


65 Birthday


70th Birthday


80th Birthday


90th Birthday


100th Birthday


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